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Precision Door and Window installs affordable quality replacement windows in your home. There are many reasons to replace your windows. In some houses, the old windows became loose or drafty. Instead of fixing the old windows (which is often a losing battle),  you can use new replacement windows. New windows add to your home appearance and reduce your heating and cooling costs.  


Materials for Replacement Windows


The standard material for residential windows is PVX-u (vinyl) and wood. Other materials include fiberglass, aluminum-clad wood, vinyl-clad wood, vinyl, and glass blocks.


Difference Between New and Replacement Windows


  • New construction windows are for newly constructed homes. People can get custom design windows with some extra bells and whistles. If an architect is creative, they suggest using windows to enhance light and ambiance.

  • New construction windows are also used for remodeling homes. Contractors might remove old windows or cut new openings to reposition the windows.

  • Replacement windows are a good option for making a home improvement. They need a lower budget and less time. You can choose sliding windows.



Benefits of Replacement Windows


Benefits of replacement windows:

  1. Energy and cost savings: They help save homes from excess heat and cold.

  2. Lower HVAC Costs: They reduces peak heating and cooling loads.

  3. Improve Comforts: Windows can reduce harsh sunlight. Replacement windows with Low-emissivity coatings reduce radiant heat from the sun. These windows provide more comforts in any climate. Another approach to energy efficiency is spectrally selective. They filter out 40% to 70% of the heat. Heat is not transmitted through insulated windows. It still allows the full amount of light transmission.

  4. Reduce Condensation: High-performance window can control the temperature, humidity, and condensation. It will make your house warmer or cooler inside your home depending on the climate.

  5. Increase Light and View: These high-performance windows will help to reduce unwanted heat. They block heat and allow light to come inside the room.

  6. Reduce Fading: They reduce fading in materials like carpet, fabrics, artwork, paints, and wood. The sunlight cannot come directly thru the window. The fade percentage is less compared to a standard window.



Features of Cheap Window Replacement Near Me


Every manufacturer has these features in their replacement windows. Such as,

  1. Low-E Coated Glass: Normally, windows are made of glass. They will have the capacity to retain a mild temperature inside your house. They minimize heat transfer even in extremely hot or cold weather. They protect your inside furniture from UV rays of the sun and other unwanted radiation.

  2. Argon and Krypton Gas: This gas is used for filling the gap between two panes.

  3. It helps to reduce 50% of heat transfer.

  4. Endure Insulting Spacers: Endure Insulting window spacers reduce moisture infiltration. This improves the window's longevity to around 20 years and improves insulation. This manufacture adds long-lasting silicone or steel beads to the frame. This material gives good bonding and support. Endure IG spacers will help maintain the temperature despite the outdoor temperature.

  5. Self Cleaning Glass: This technology helps keep the windows clean. It is a type of coating which is added to windows. When the sun hits the coating, it is activated. The coating keeps dust from land on the window.

  6. Vinyl Snap-on Casing: This is a cover on the glass. The main advantages are: 

    • 100% durable. 

    • 100% maintenance-free.  

    • These windows are mouldable offering different shapes.

  7. ETI Foam: ETI is also known as “Engineered Thermal Insulation.” It improves the thermal efficiency of windows. It provides larger airspace to control the heat or cold compared to the weather. ETI gives better energy performance, long-lasting and stable.

  8. Double and Triple Pane glass: Replacement windows use multi-pane glass. There are two types of glass, one is a double pane, and the other is a Triple pain. In the double pane, they help insulate in all climates. Triple pane is used in extreme environments. They provide an extra layer of Argon or krypton gas between two panes.


Precision window replacement near me offers double pane windows, sliding windows, Andersen Windows, Marvin Windows, Simonton Windows, and cheap window replacement. We also offer residential window repair.

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