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A new door replacement offers a homeowner the chance to increase home security. It can dramatically improve your home’s appearance. A new door can give a warm welcome to your friends, family, and guests. Below are some ideas for creating a great entry space that you will enjoy for years to come.


Some benefits of Replacement Doors:


Your front door can provide many benefits to your home. Front doors have gone constantly through renovations that add function, beauty, and efficiency.  Here is a partial list of the benefits homeowners get from replacing their front door.

  1. Energy Efficiency: Your original front door was never designed for energy-efficiency. New doors offer new materials and insulation. They can decrease utility bills by over 15%. They will maintain the comfort level in your home. Modern exterior doors maintain your home's ideal temperature.

  2. Peacefulness: New insulated front doors help reduce outside noise. A peaceful and quiet home reduces your everyday stress. They keep the outside hustle and bustle outside.

  3. Curb Appeal: You can radically change the curb appeal by just replacing your front door. You can choose an elegant door with glass, a rustic door with iron or more functional fiberglass.

  4. Home value: All the previous points add to your home's appeal when you choose to sell your home. Front doors are the first thing a prospective buyer will see and remember about your home.

  5. Aesthetics: Precision Doors and Windows staff will help you select a new front door. They will find a door that maintains the harmony of your home’s architecture.

  6. Security: New technology in front doors adds an extra measure of security. Original front doors have become easy prey for thieves.

  7. Insulation: Replacement doors have excellent insulation properties. This feature helps maintain the comfortable temperature of your home. It helps during both the hot and cold weather.

  8. Durability: Steel and fiber doors have more longevity. They are far better for security, durability, sound insulation and energy efficiency.





How Does Our Door Company Install Doors, 
Replacement Front Doors,  or Modern Exterior Doors?


We divide the door replacement process into three steps:

  1. Selection

  2. Installation

  3. Warranty/ service coverage


  1. Selection

An entry door can either be an eyesore or a focal point. Your front door should be a statement for your home. Precision Door & Window offers a variety of products that will fit any entryway. A new entry door adds value to your home. It gives your home a chance to be equipped with distinctive quality hardware. You can also get a modern exterior door.
Fiberglass doors have become the most popular option. They are maintenance-free. If a fiberglass door is installed correctly, it will never need adjusting. Some fiberglass doors include ThermaTru doors, Masonite, and Jeld-wen Aurora Fiberglass doors. These three product lines, cover all the entry door systems. They have the custom look like those you see in home magazines.  
Wood doors are a popular option. They give your home an authentic feel that everyone expects when opening a front door. The weight of the swing, the texture on the door, and the way it holds stain. Wood doors are an excellent choice for a well-protected area. The California climate is not a friend to wood doors. Whether you are on the coast or out in the desert, homeowners find maintenance of wood doors to be costly. 


2. Installation:

The quickest way to ruin it a dream entry door system is with poor installation. The door should be installed plumb and level. If the door is out of level by an eighth of an inch, over time the door time will become a problem. The smallest details come into play when considering a proper install. This includes the jamb depth, exterior trim choices, interior trim choices, and hardware. All these elements make the door a complete unit. At Precision Door & Window we have a top-rated installation team that takes pride in the work they do. We have been in the industry for years and can tackle any project large or small. We take the proper precaution to make sure there are no mistakes.


3. Warranty: Precision Doors and Windows are known for the best door warranty service. Our no-hassle one year warranty covers all aspects of servicing your door.

  • Precision Doors and Windows provide a written guarantee. It has details for whom to contact if you have problems with your new front door.

  • The written warranty outlines everything that is covered under the door warranty.



How to Enhance the Look of a New Front Door


Here are some of the key factors to consider when you are looking to improve the look of your front door. We offer modern exterior doors and replacement front doors.

  • Use decorative glass elements for your front doors. This gives the exterior of your home an instant facelift.

  • Look for decorative hardware finishes coordinating with other finishes on the home. They would include new light fixtures and door hardware.

  • Find a beautiful front door that adds a splash of color and helps your home stand out from the rest. For a more dramatic change, you can even consider painting your home’s exterior.

  • Add a lighted walk path or spotlights to highlight landscaping or architectural.

  • Add nearby potted plants to enhance the look of your new front door. Planters or container gardens offer visual appeals.


Interior Doors from Top Rated Door Company


Replacing your interior doors is the quickest way to update the look of your home. A lot of the interior doors in track homes get a bad wrap because the builder chose to use cheap hardware. You can replace the door hardware when you replacing your folding doors. sliding doors, replacement bedroom doors, or replacement kitchen doors. 
When people go into high-end homes, they feel the difference in the quality of the doors. Solid core doors are a great way to bring that custom home feel to any standard home. 


Homeowners need to select an experienced door company when replacing their front doors. A quality company like Precision Doors and Windows door company provides peace of mind. We guarantee your satisfaction with door and window replacement needs.

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